Ton Hasenaar was born in a small town nearby Amsterdam.

His very first artistic experience became a fact with the help of his grandfather and nephew, who were both art painters. He took his art studies in Amsterdam, where he lived for years.

After years of practicing the figurative art paint style he gradually began to attach more importance to his own, inner feelings in his paintings. This manifested in the use of alternative colors, improvisation with multiple techniques and materials, which eventually led up to abstract expressionism.

He makes art in different disciplines, including making something artistic from old materials

and photographing abstraction in nature.

His works are inspired by his feelings of the moment and all have in common that they possess recognizable themes upon which we can all reflect and trigger us to think. The making of art gives him the possibility to express himself in a way that words do not allow.

Aside from art classes in figurative and abstract painting, he also offers workshops and live-painting sessions and plain air.

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