The workshops are offered for a full day or a half day (morning or afternoon) and are usually held in group sessions at the studio or at your location. Most of the time acrylic paint will be used, because this type of paint will dry quickly and allows  you to take your painting home the very same day. Everyone can join a workshop and is free to use any kind of material aside from paint (i.e sand, beats, rope etc).


Workshops during the weekends can also be arranged.



From          5 persons  € 45,00 pro person

               10 persons  € 42,50 pro person                                                                                       

               20 persons  € 39,50 pro person                                                                                       

               30 persons  € 34,50 pro person


For individual workshops price are on request. Workshop are inclusive of all materials and one canvas of 40 x 30 cm. per person ( for a bigger canvas will be surcharge). It is possible to make a one big canvas altogether or make one large painting from all small individual paintings. Coffee en tea are included. For special occasions, wine and/or aperitifs can be served for an additional charge.


Action painting


At the studio Prins Hendriklaan 382, Brunssum


Also at your own location!


Go crazy with your pallet knife or hands and splash or rub the paint on the canvas. The very same day you can take your own piece of art with you.

It’s possible to make one big painting with the whole group together or make one big piece of art from all the single works of art.

From a company event, family reunion to a get together with your best friends.

Action painting is for everyone!

For pricing see the workshop page.


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